Tank Repair & Rebuilding

Erie Technologies provides “R” stamp qualified repair and rebuilding of any type or size of cryogenic vessel to fully meet all manufacturer’s original specifications.

We perform timely, economical installation of bulk tanks, vacuum-jacketed pipe (VJ pipe), pre-insulated pipe, gas blenders, plant piping, distributor high-pressure fill plants and medical 190 oxygen vessels.

We have the technical specialists to handle any and all of your needs with unsurpassed quality, on schedule, at competitive prices both in-house and in the field.

Bulk Tanks

Our rehab facilities are equipped with overhead cranes that can stand each cryogenic vessel 42-foot vertical. We have 45 ton Shuttle lift and trained personnel for safe off loading and loading of cryogenic vessels and equipment.

Each cryogenic vessel is rehabbed to stringent industrial gas standards. Vacuum integrity is established through various processes with complete internal and external helium spectrometer testing.

Used cryogenic tanks are re-engineered to operate within newer industrial gas guidelines. Cryogenic vessel exteriors are shot blasted, primed and epoxy coated for a high gloss, maintenance-free finish in our state-of-the-art blast and paint rooms. Piping and valves are replaced with new and the process is completed with a complete QC inspection.