Vacuum Jacketed Piping

Erie Technologies knows Vacuum Jacketed Piping. We engineer, fabricate and install custom piping solutions to meet the needs of our customers.  We offer a variety of Vacuum Jacketed Piping products for the wide range of specific applications.

Our Extensive Experience…

…has given us a deep knowledge of all aspects of implementing a system that saves you product and gives you optimal performance.  We will build to customer specifications, where we make a bid based on blueprints provided, or we can design / build any VJ Piping system you require.  With nearly 40 years of working experience in the Cryogenic Piping Industry, we have the experience to save you time, money and get your project completed to your satisfaction. Additionally, we can provide service and maintenance for any components we build.

Excellence. Economy. Ecology.

Our reputation is built on providing top quality components at very competitive costs.  Vacuum Jacketed Piping offers the most cost-effective way to transfer cryogenic liquids.  The loss of product from storage tank to the final use point can add up over time, VJ Piping can save you product, which helps save you money and keeps product at its peak performance all the way to the final use point.  You can count on Erie Technologies.

Some Examples

Erie Technologies has supplied some big names in the frozen food market with VJ systems.  However, there are many uses and services which could benefit from the use of Vacuum Jacketed Piping.  That is because compared to some of the standard insulated piping systems (foam, cellular, blanketed), Vacuum Jacketed Piping offers 10 times better thermal insulation.  This essentially places the technology of the bulk tank, into the transfer lines and keeps your system protected from storage to final use point.